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The Leadership Team

"Finally, I am with people who really get it. I feel supported and have some hope." StepFamily Services Client 2015

Who we are and why we help stepfamilies.

"And now let us believe in a long year that is given to us, new, untouched, full of things that have never been." (Rilke)

Supriya Shanti, LICSW

Director of Clinical Services, StepMom, and Parent-In-Step

Founding Director - Iishana Artra, PhD, CNLP, CPC,

Certified Stepfamily Foundation Coach, Mastery Trainer, StepMom

Click Here to see Iishana's coaching page.

Dr. Artra was born into a stepfamily of six half-siblings and she has been a stepmother since 2000. In her thirties, she was a full-time stepmother for six years. Everyone involved: biological parents, stepmom, extended family and children were all flying blind. Mis-steps, conflicts and burnout led ultimately to an outright hostile environment. Her stepfamily faced the 6 highest risks to stepfamily success. Counselors did not address the stepfamily issues. As a result, her physical, social, financial, cognitive, and emotional health suffered. All well meaning advice as well as her maternal instincts backfired and iishana left and grieved. 

Later, after providing disaster relief for Hurricane Katrina evacuees and supporting combat veterans with PTSD and grief, Iishana began to understand the issues of step-families through the lens of trauma and loss as well as the potential for growth. 

Many lessons learned, Dr. Artra now enjoys her life as a stepmother in a new stepfamily. She founded Stepfamily Services to strengthen the field and provide effective services for stepfamilies. She draws from her management background, advanced training in psychology and the most current research into stepfamily psychology. She is an author, holistic psychoeducational coach for stepfamilies, and the Founding Director of StepFamily Services.

Clinical Director - Supriya Shanti, LICSW

Supriya has been a biological mother since 2000, and a stepmother since 2004. "If only I knew then what I know now, my stepfamily would have benefited so greatly! The reason I co-facilitate StepMom Support Groups, support individuals in Step-families, & teach stepfamily dynamics is to give stepfamilies the missing tools, the tools that will lead them to healthy, loving, and fun dynamics." 

Supriya has 25 years of professional and personal healing experience leading to today's success. Psychotherapy sessions are educational and emphasize clients finding their best self through exploring, healing, releasing, and creating. Sometimes present situations trigger things from our past. Working with Supriya in a therapeutic way can help identify & resolve these issues. Getting the extra and often needed support can make all the difference.

Supriya joined StepFamily Services in 2015 to help create and co-facilitate the StepMoms Support Group. Some insurances accepted. For more information about Supriya's psychotherapy practice go

Nancie Schwartz-Angell

Educator, Artist/Yoga Instructor, and StepMom

Nancie Schwartz-Angell

We would also like to acknowledge Nancie Schwartz-Angell. In June 2014, Nancie and Iishana Artra started a weekly support group and the six-week book-based workshop, Harvesting the Love for stepmothers in Brattleboro, Vermont. This provided the inspiration for Iishana to found StepUp Moms and then StepFamily Services. 

We are a Woman-Owned Business