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StepCouple Retreats

"We are the glue."

Use your imagination. It could make you smile - together.

"Without couple time, a stepcouple slowly suffocates until it implodes. Waiting until the kids are grown doesn't even work for first families. Wake-up, take the plunge and say 'yes' to getting it right!"

(A stepparent who begged for reliable, frequent couple time until eventually becoming too miserable to be around and leaving)

For married and unmarried stepcouples:

  • First imagine an entire two, three, or more days away together with your partner to relax and become a stronger stepcouple.

  • Now, see the friendly faces of other step-couples who are chatting, laughing, sharing... OR, is it just the two of you?

  • Do you taste the fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and desserts?

  • Breathe a sigh of relief as you finally have a chance to learn about and practice tricks of the trade of stepfamily success in a relaxed environment, where it is cool to be a stepcouple.

What else would you like to see, hear, taste, feel, experience during your getaway?

Are you camping? Cozy in a lodge? At a hotel? In the woods? On a beach? In a city or town? Perhaps on an ocean or gazing at the pyramids? 

We are inventing StepFamily Services retreats mainly based on your desires and budget. So, please email your ideas. We would love to hear from you. Click here to share your vision for a perfect step-couple retreat. 

You know it matters. 

Your couple bond IS what keeps the stepfamily together. The bare bones fact is that there are zero biological bonds to keep a step-couple together during the often exhausting child rearing years. The children are not the glue, the couple's bond is the glue. The blunt fact is that stepfamilies crash and burn when the couple's tank runs empty. A retreat with StepFamily Services is a unique opportunity to relax and learn together so you can return home a stronger team. 


Each retreat will be uniquely designed according to your budget and any funding that might be given to StepFamily Services through donations or agency contracts.