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Provider Qualifications

Our stepfamily professionals are extra special...

StepFamilies need the help of caring experts. Because the dynamics, risks and success factors of stepfamilies differ dramatically from those of original families, specialized training is necessary to assess and support stepfamilies effectively and safely. Stepfamily Services trains and refers counselors and coaches who support stepfamilies. 

Working with a StepFamily Services professional is a rare opportunity for stepfamily members to not be treated like an original family. The risks of stepfamily dynamics are expertly managed to promote safety, mental health, and wellbeing for each stepfamily member. Evidence informed counseling, coaching, and education have been shown to improve safety and other success indicators for stepfamilies.

StepFamily Services supports the 4 crucial steps of stepfamily adjustment: 

1. Getting Real About How StepFamilies Succeed 2. Getting Effective Psychological and Logistical Help

3. Getting a Life that Supports Wellness

4. Getting Together with StepFamily Members in Ways that Foster Healthy Attachment

"I get it now. I didn't realize how much she was hurting. What can I do to help her feel better?" StepFamily Services Presentation Attendee, 2014

"I don't want him to have to make me feel better. He has enough on his plate. How can I help myself?"

StepFamily Services Client, 2015

Qualifications Met by Each StepFamily Services Approved Provider

Our Approved Providers are counselors, coaches, and educators. They offer support in-person or remotely. Each Approved Provider meets these requirements:

1. Has been a step-parent, parent-in-step, or stepchild for at least three years and has worked through stepfamily issues or has professionally supported three or more stepfamilies successfully.

2. Has coached or counseled for at least one year without grievances

3. Has been trained in stepfamily dynamics in the following two ways:

A. Has completed an evidence-based or evidence-informed certification in stepfamily coaching, counseling, or education within the past 10 years with an approved organization.

B. Has completed the StepFamily Services training in person or remotely.

4. Participates in monthly peer support meetings that strengthen their knowledge and presence.

See how to become an Approved Provider

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