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Provider Promotion Program

Improving the Odds

Dear StepFamily Provider,

Enough is enough. It's time to make a change. Too few stepfamily providers are trained and then those who are go it alone and remain invisible. Meanwhile too many stepfamilies suffer and burn up in the absence of expert care. It is absolutely time that stepfamily providers have easy access to professional development and that they connect to stepfamilies. The success of each go hand in hand. 

33% of stepfamilies survive the child rearing years. Aren't you tired of that statistic? Together, we can make a difference. 

No more winging it. It's time to bring attention to an elite team of stepfamily professionals who know how to improve the odds. So, I have created a program that picks up where others leave off. (Have you noticed how a day or two of training still leaves you working alone to build your practice?) 

I am excited about this new program. It is why I started StepFamily Services, to connect stepfamilies with the help they need, and to help prevent burnout of stepfamily professionals. The Provider Promotion Program tackles a very real problem for 100 million Americans, and I feel great about that! 

May Your Service to StepFamilies be Inspired and Inspiring!

Iishana Artra

Iishana Artra, PhD, CNLP, CPC, Certified Stepfamily Foundations Coach - Founding Director of StepFamily Services

Real Perks for Real Professionals

I know how hard it can be to build your practice and get peer support. This is not an easy business; it's important to have professional and emotional support! 

With membership in StepFamily Services, it's like you have an agent. We'll let stepfamilies know you are available and may even hire you on a contract basis. Of course, your level of participation in the Provider Promotion Program will impact the number of your referrals (see below). 

You'll also have the support of our Clinical Services Director who will help you cross the T's and dot the I's of working with stepfamilies. You will receive training in special topics and technical assistance for compliance with applicable policies and regulations.

You'll also be part of a learning community, so you'll have peers you can support and talk to about your work. 

We want to make this simple, so you can get on with strengthening your practice, then stepfamilies can experience some much needed relief.

Is this You?

Do you want to help stepfamilies more effectively?

Do you want to be part of a team?

Do you secretly (or not) want to be considered an expert?

Do you want to take your training and experience further?

Do you want more income? 

StepFamily Services Membership Includes the Following Benefits

  • Annual Training in special topics, for each set of 5 new members. (We also offer certification training for an additional fee). 

  • Peer Support: Monthly peer support meetings (in-person and remote) facilitated by the Clinical Services Director or other qualified StepFamily Services Staff. 

  • Online Listing: Inclusion in the online directory of StepFamily Services, either listed as Provider, Active Provider, or Approved Provider Level 1 or 2.

  • Permission to Use StepFamily Services Program Materials: Support Groups Manuals, StepParenting Education Manuals, and the 4-Step Strategy may be used.

  • 4-Step Guide/Client Reporting notebook

  • Referrals and contracts for eligible members: Local and non-local area promotion via announcements to referring and contracting agencies.
  • Compliance Recommendations: Guidance from the clinical services director is available as needed. 

  • Stay Informed about CEU's, other Trainings and Conferences: Members receive monthly announcements about learning and networking opportunities. 

How to Get on the A-List

With your membership, you can become eligible for referrals and contracts.

Active Provider

Build your expertise and peer support. Each year that you complete the annual training and at least 6 one-hour peer support meetings (remote or in-person), you will be included in the "Active Provider" section of the online directory. 

In your first year, this listing will be made in good faith upon completion of your training. 

As you build your practice and training, you can become eligible for Approved Provider status.

Level 1: Approved Provider

(Eligible for Referrals)

Approved Providers have been certified by a stepfamily certification program approved by StepFamily Services for coaches, counselors, and educators, or have a counseling license with 20 CEUs related to stepfamily support.

Upon submitting 3 testimonials with 4-Step Client Reports, you will be one of the providers StepFamily Services considers for referrals. Referrals are based on a systematic intake and determination of best fit.

Active Provider status is required.

Level 2: Approved Provider

(Eligible for Contracts) 

Upon submitting 5 testimonials with 4-Step Client Reports, and 3 Client Results reports completed 6 months after the last session, StepFamily Services will consider you for contracts to serve a certain number of clients in a given time period. 

Level 1 and Active Provider status are required.

Let Us Know that You are Interested - It's Simple

We are currently gathering a list of interested providers as we work behind the scenes to determine a membership fee that will cover the costs. The more we know about your practice, the better able we will be to develop support that is appropriate to your level of experience. Our goal is to develop a cadre of serious providers. This program is about quality not quantity. Be assured, you will be in good company. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Provider Promotion Program, pleas sign up for announcements below. We will contact you directly with updates. Thank you.

What is your profession?*
Do you already work with stepfamilies?*
Have you had any reported grievances in the past 5 years?*
Have you been trained in stepfamily dynamics?*
What is your level of interest?*
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