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You are not crazy. Stepfamilies are challenging. There are ways to make it easier. 

Is This You?

CLICK HERE to see why most stepfamilies (also known as blended families) struggle and what can be done to make it easier. 

Stepfamilies are not like original families, they are more complex and intense and have higher odds of breakup. It is normal to reach the point of no return. This is the time to start again by taking a different approach either in the same or next stepfamily. 

Sometimes a single situation, like dinner dynamics, needs to be improved. Other times the stepfamily benefits from an overhaul. The secret is to do what works in a stepfamily, which is often not what works in an original family. 

Why Try?

What does success look like? CLICK HERE to find out.  

In addition to happiness, security, and close relationships for adults and children, well adjusted stepfamilies can provide other benefits, such as role modeling of a positive relationship and,

for some children, a refuge from a dysfunctional non-resident parent. 

Have you received help from a stepfamily expert yet? Studies show that the odds of success can more than double when you receive support from a caring expert in stepfamily dynamics who guides you with practical advice and education about what is happening. 

Get Help Now 

We love helping stepfamilies. It's all we do. We want to help you cash in on the lessons you have already learned. We can help you turn them into strengths. 

In a FREE 45 minute discovery session you can meet with an expert to talk about what is happening and what your goals are. Clients focus on goals that help them feel better, learn more, and manage the stepfamily more effectively. You will receive a personalized support plan with tips for immediate results. 

If you like working with us, you will be ready to move forward with Stepfamily Services on your team. We offer the types of services most likely to make a difference.

Help Stepfamilies

Learn the most current methods for helping stepfamilies succeed. Do you want to reach more stepfamilies? Stepfamily Services refers stepfamilies to qualified counselors and coaches. 

Find out more about our certification and referral program - CLICK HERE

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