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Immediate Relief

Immediate Relief for Frazzled Steps

Love is the glue (not the kids) that keeps stepcouples together. However, when a stepcouple is in crisis, their love can be overwhelmed by an overload of stress on the body and mind. Stepfamily life unfolds at a rapid pace. Sometimes, our engines get overheated. We need relief - NOW. 

It is vital that the nervous system be cooled down so that each partner can cope more effectively with stepfamily life while doing the work of creating a home together.  

Shake it Out

Shake it out. Literally. Like an etch-a-sketch board, the body can reset by moving in certain ways. These movements release stress, tension, and trauma in all mammals. Steps are mammals too. If it works for combat veterans, it is worth a try! See how it works. 

Use Love Language

Get up to speed on the Five Languages of Love unique to each person in your stepfamily. Our experience of our stepfamily members can be more rewarding when we know each other's language of love and appreciation. See how it works.

Renew Your Bond

Renew your bond with your partner. The neurochemicals of bonded couples soothe the amygdala (the primitive part of the brain that sometimes needs help standing down from fight or flight mode). Giving these bonding cues to one another is simple and can be quick. See how it works.

Breathe from the Heart

A simple yet powerful ancient method of breathing changes our brain for the better, reducing anxiety, fatigue, and depression. As our brain waves become more ordered, we address stepfamily challenges more effectively. See how it works.

Work with a Stress Expert

Get expert help for triggered trauma, attachment, and other stress disorders and complicated grief. Our perception of our partner, our self, and of stepfamily situations can improve dramatically. What once felt like a mountain, can seem more like a mole hill. Hire a professional trained in the most effective treatment methods.

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