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Iishana Artra, PhD

Practical Solutions & Heart Healing - Let's Work Together

Iishana Artra, PhD, CPC, CNLP

Certified Stepfamily Foundations Coach & Founder of Stepfamily Services

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Dr. Artra's Most Recent Articles 


Decoding the Stepfamily:

7 Stages from Chaos to Calm

"Iishana is the real thing.

She knows what she is talking about." K.M.

"I feel encouraged now. I know I am not alone.

There are solutions." C.T.

"This has been life changing!" A.P.

Finding Peace & Passion: A Stepmom's Life

This video describes how I address step-parenting stress

and personal growth for my clients.

We stepmoms (and stepgrandmas) are the majority of family women in America. That's amazing! Yet, most of the 30 million stepmoms face the tremendous challenge of sorting out a very confusing home life with very little expert help. Stepmoms often describe a darkness that descends over their family, and yearn for "the Light", for love. If you are a stepmom, you likely desire practical solutions and heart healing.

Many stepmoms are looking for the answer to the question, "How can I stepparent well and still focus enough energy on my other life passions so I actually experience hope, joy, power, love, and peace?" "How do I cope, even stay sane, with a role that often feels like I am neither here nor there, like I am in limbo?" 

It is my privilege to support your practical stepfamily life and your deeper heart's dream. You may also choose to step away from your stepfamily, and in that case I am also here to provide consultation and support. 

How We Can Work Together

This is not therapy, counseling, or traditional coaching. This is an opportunity for you to get immediate expertly focused answers to your pressing concerns about stepfamily life. You will learn how to use a straightforward system for quickly finding solutions to situations as they arise. 


90-minute consultations are opportunities to receive guidance focused on your actual circumstances. 

This is very different from counseling or coaching. Imagine a business owner receiving business consultation for how to increase morale in the company. 

Our conversation will center around special questions that I ask in order to bring your goals and concerns into focus and to discover areas of strength and those crucial areas that need strengthening. 

This way you can focus on the actions (I will make recommendations) that can make the most difference going forward. You then can work in a more effective way with your counselor or coach or independently. 

By phone or in person. 

One Day - Intensive Solution Session

6 transformational coaching hours can activate 4 powerful proven strategies for improving your life in your stepfamily. This option is for stepcouples or groups of stepmoms. 

Rates vary according to the number of people in the session. You are encouraged to reach out and invite friends, family and acquaintances who are also in stepfamilies. 

Adults only. Reduced lodging may be available for non-local clients. Skype is also possible. Please use the Contact Us page to set up a session or to learn more.

You will leave with solutions and more skills, knowledge, and allies, and a written action plan you can use with a counselor or coach.

Overnight - The Sensational Life Retreat for StepMoms

3 days that transform your life with other powerful inspiring stepmoms (a couples retreat is forthcoming). Plenty of time to make new friends, unburden yourself and practice new skills. 

This retreat is scheduled upon request by stepmoms, retreat centers, leadership institutes, and others. These retreats are delicious, fun, safe, heartwarming, hopeful, creative, breakthrough opportunities. 

Would you like to request or know when a retreat is happening? We would love to hear from you. Let us know by using the Contact Us page. 

You will leave with solutions, and more skills, knowledge, and allies, and a written action plan you can use with a counselor or coach.

"I finally get it. We have options. Most of what I was feeling was because I was thinking we needed to be like a regular family. Now, I catch myself when I am doing that. I live a more real life now. 

I was going to burn out. There's always going to be stress, but now I feel more relaxed about it all. I am still learning every day, but I get it – that's normal for a stepfamily. It doesn't mean one of us is a bad guy. We can ask you what works in stepfamilies for certain situations when we are not figuring it out on our own, and move on." N.K.*

How Do Intensive Coaching and Retreats Work?

You want to see results soon. I want that for you too! I did it all alone the first time, most do. You do not have to.

Coaching and attending retreats with me may be unlike anything you have ever done. If you are tired of how things are going and are willing to look at your situation from a new perspective, and take new types of action, then stepfamily coaching is for you. We will cut to the chase in safe ways.

I will not sugar coat it, step-parenting is often incredibly difficult. We will talk frankly about the issues that matter most to you. Having made the necessary changes within myself to experience peace as a stepmother, I have a great deal of respect for the amount of courage, wisdom, and heart you bring to this part of your life.

The bumpy road gets smoother and you can reach your goals more quickly. Intensive coaching and retreats help you to create new neural pathways that make it easier to do the things you need to do to experience more peace in your stepfamily.

Clients are relieved to finally feel like they can escape the maze, as they see the road map for stepfamily adjustment.

This is different from counseling.

My job is to help you focus more on learning powerful actions than processing past emotions. We will have frank conversations about what that means for your daily life and future.

In a retreat or shared intensive session, you will also connect with other stepmoms who have great ideas, can sympathize, and could become a source of real support in your life. 

Why Is This Approach So Effective?

You and I focus on increasing your sense of predictability, trust, safety, and wellbeing in your stepfamily.


Most stepfamily situations boil down to 6 types of stressors unique to stepfamilies. The stress can be reduced dramatically by developing the 5 qualities and 4 habits of successful stepfamilies. I will walk you through those that will most support your goals.


We can build more trust, safety and wellbeing in our stepfamilies. This is only possible when we understand stepfamily dynamics.

We will not focus on changing your stepfamily or your feelings into something more like an original family. Instead, you will step into the reality of being a stepfamily so that you can manage it with greater confidence and skill to become a successful stepfamily. 

Contact Me – I am Here to Help

"We've been to 3 counselors and no-one ever helped us like this.

I wish we had come sooner." N.R.*

*Quotes from satisfied clients are kept anonymous to preserve the privacy of these stepfamilies.