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How We Work

How do you help a stepfamily?

StepFamily Services was formed in 2014 to raise the quality of care offered to stepfamilies in America. We are focused on three objectives:

1. Connect stepfamilies to qualified professionals.

2. Provide professional development opportunities.

3. Gather metrics to inform best practices and policy.

StepFamily Services is Unique in 3 Ways

1. We are developing a network of providers from different fields, such as social work, counseling, coaching, trauma and resilience therapies, energy therapies, parenting education and medicine who collaborate for the benefit of StepFamilies. 

StepFamilyServices.Org practitioners agree that expertly tackling stepfamily dynamics is transformational. Stepfamily skills can lead to greater self-understanding, self-care, and self-control for all stepfamily members. We also believe that step-couples can create strong bonds when facing challenges as a loving team. 

We are based in Brattleboro, Vermont and are also available to support non-local clients via phone and internet, and to travel to provide stepfamily and practitioner education. We accept most major insurance, cash, credit cards, and government purchasing cards.

"Finally, I am with people who really get it. I feel supported and have some hope."

StepFamily Services Client 2015

2. StepFamily Services providers are trained in our trademarked 4-stage approach to directly address 25 core challenges and the riskiest stages typical to stepfamilies, as described in the video, Decoding StepFamilies. Our 4-stage Steps-4-Steps approach combines the essential elements of clinical and coaching methods that have been informed by research and formally evaluated in research studies, such as the Step-By-Step Model of Brief Therapy for Stepfamilies, Dr. Patricia Papernow's clinical guidelines for supporting stepfamilies, and the management approach of The StepFamily Foundation. 

3. We offer support for the full spectrum of presenting issues. Our assessments of stepfamily dynamics help agencies get quicker results from targeted intervention. Our coaching, workshops, and support groups relieve confusion and self doubt, and teach skills that promote safety and wellbeing in stepfamilies. Our psychological therapy and complimentary approaches address the stuck issues, such as depression, anxiety, shame, and issues related to the past, such as attachment wounds, which are often triggered by stepfamily dynamics. 

We are a Woman-Owned Small Business