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Future Home

We feel heard for the first time; not so alone anymore.

No one has listened like this before.

We are also learning a lot about what it takes to be a stepfamily. Thank you! 

Anonymous Stepcouple Client

StepMom and StepCouple Retreats

Catch your breath and connect with other adult Steps and mentors while learning life-changing skills for coping with stepfamily stress.

StepCouple Workshops

Make sense out of complex situations and create a manageable action plan for success alongside other stepcouples and mentors.

Individual and Couples Stepfamily Counseling

Process difficult emotions and past experiences so you can respond to stepfamily dynamics in healthy ways. Excellent alongside other stepfamily support. 

The Getting to Peace System for Stepfamily Solutions

Stay on track with expert solutions customized for your unique stepfamily.

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Our Approach

We use a solutions-focused psychoeducational approach in all of our services. This means that stepfamily members are empowered with knowledge and skills to create solutions for their stepfamilies throughout the years and to best support themselves and one another when depression, anxiety, and other psychological challenges arise in the wake of stepfamily dynamics.

Getting to Peace

A Straightforward System You Can Use to Stay on Track with Expert Solutions

Iishana Artra, PhD created this system when it became clear that clients needed quick access to expert insights and clear solutions at any time of day or night. This system is used at home and during sessions with counselors and with other helping professionals. All Stepfamily Services clients gain experience using the Getting to Peace system for stepfamily recovery and strength. 

Getting to Peace - Deck (with video tutorial)

Stay on track using this pack of expert strategy cards. Useful for problem solving and as conversation starters. PDF download.


Getting to Peace - Workbook (with video tutorial)

Put your master strategies in writing. This workbook is the companion to the Getting to Peace Deck for creating solutions to stepfamily challenges. PDF download.


Getting to Peace - Kit (with video tutorial)

The deck and workbook plus a discount code for Stepfamily Services workshops and retreats. PDF download.


Getting to Peace - Coaching for Stepparents and Stepcouples

3 private sessions by phone for putting the Getting to Peace system into practice at home. Requires prior completion of the Getting to Peace Workbook. 


Our Team

Stepfamily Adults who Help Stepfamilies Thrive


Iishana Artra, PhD

Owner, Director

Certified Stepfamily Foundations Coach and is a second-time stepmom. 

Supriya Shanti, LCSW

Clinical Supervisor

Certified in Internal Family Systems and is

a biological/stepmother.