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Get the inside track on what every step and their partner should know about the tricks of the trade.

FREE Time, Money & Sanity Savers for Steps

Iishana Artra, PhD, CPC, CNLP, Certified Stepfamily Foundations Coach, Stepfamily Psychoeducator

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Video: Decoding Your Stepfamily

What's the Big Deal?

What makes the links below so valuable? Have you noticed that there are thousands of web articles, books, and research studies about stepfamilies? 

While those discoveries are a hugely positive gain for stepfamilies over recent years, frankly it's just too much to sort out, especially when we are in a head on collision with stepfamily stress. 

To make things easier, I have been creating cheat sheets so stepparents and their partners can have the tricks of the trade at their fingertips. 

The 34%

Most websites do not give enough - if any- attention to what is at the core of positive change in a stepfamily. Succeeding as a stepfamily is not only about knowing what to do, but also about ways to be. Ways to manage ourselves as well as our stepfamilies. 

Most stepparents or their partners do not learn these ways, and so it is not surprising that 66% of stepfamilies do not make it. However, you will learn powerful yet surprisingly simple methods for experiencing greater clarity of mind and strength of spirit, while also shifting the way you manage your stepfamily. 

This is not the usual stepfamily peptalk. These are life changing tools. Be assured, you can dramatically increase the odds of peace in your stepfamily and yourself.