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Services for Providers

We Believe that Strong Providers are

Essential to Creating Strong Stepfamilies

Because stepfamilies are a high risk population it is crucial to know what helps, what does not, and what can cause harm. Best practices have evolved since clinical research began in the 1970's, hundreds of studies have been published, yet it is rare for a stepfamily to receive expert guidance. Stepfamily Services can assist organizations and individual counselors, coaches, and family educators in serving their clients more effectively and safely. 

Team-Up for Enhanced Client Support

  • Workshops
  • Specialized Consultation/Coaching
  • Specialized Counseling Referrals
  • Support Groups
  • Retreats

Improve the Quality of Your Service to Stepfamilies

We work with counselors who are and who are not trained to work with stepfamilies. Without stepfamily training, the complexity of stepfamily dynamics and psychological wounds can overwhelm a counselor's otherwise excellent skills. Hundreds of professionals have been certified in providing stepfamily support, but they are hard for stepfamilies to find. They are typically not a part of a referral network nor given easy access to peer support or continued training. Therefore, Stepfamily Services offers support to both trained and untrained counselors. To become a part of the Stepfamily Services team is to be part of a revolution in stepfamily care with access to:

Professional Development

  • Sensitivity Training
  • Provider Peer Support 

Allied Services

  • Partnered sessions
  • Case Planning, Assessments, and Review

Program Support

  • Policy Review
  • Consultation

Strengthen Your Policies and Services with Expert Consultation

Serving stepfamilies is very different from serving other types of families. Stepfamily issues, family systems, and best practices are unique. Treating stepfamilies like original families can be like pouring gasoline on a fire. Stepfamily Services can assist you in identifying stepfamilies (many do not self-disclose) and updating your policies, programs, and practices to meet the needs of this distinct population. 

  • Case Planning, Assessment, and Review
  • Sensitivity Training
  • Policy Review
  • Consultation
  • Research

We offer a variety of options for enhancing your practice with referrals, training in current best practices, peer support, and more. 

There are many types of families, each with its own psychology and dynamics. Stepfamilies are the most diverse form of family due to their structure, intense emotional affect, and complex dynamics. Typically, counselors, coaches and family educators feel overwhelmed and confused when confronted with a stepfamily, stepcouple, or stepfamily member's issues. Stepfamily Services offers the advantage of training and experience. 

We are a Woman-Owned Small Business