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StepFamily Counseling

"I can finally breathe."

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StepFamily Services counseling

supports mental health

and helps resolve the past

to relieve suffering in the present.

For Individuals and Couples

Have you ever received advice or psychological guidance appropriate for a nuclear family but completely off-base for your stepfamily, better suited to a nuclear family? It can be like pouring water on a grease fire! In fact, one of the leading causes of stepfamily breakup is trying to act like a nuclear family. 

Also, what might be unhealthy in a nuclear family, such as lack of feeling love for the children, may be perfectly normal and healthy in a stepfamily (lack of love for the stepchildren), which means that corrective action is not necessary, but adjustment should be the treatment priority. 

You can rest assured that a StepFamily Services counselor is trained to provide support for you and your stepfamily.

You may simply want emotional support or help understanding what is happening, or need more involved counseling, such as for shifting thinking, emotional limitations, or behavioral problems due to past wounds, trauma, or bio-chemical imbalance. You can customize your treatment plan with your StepFamily Services counselor. 

Examples of Issues to Bring to StepFamily Counseling

If a couple comes to counseling, each partner brings their own issues.

  • Understand what is happening in my stepfamily
  • Choose whether or not to stay in my stepfamily
  • Treat my depression or other mental health diagnosis
  • Grieve my hopes and dreams of being in a nuclear family
  • Heal past trauma

  • Build trust with my partner
  • Communicate better with my partner
  • Communicate better with my stepchildren
  • Communicate better with my extended stepfamily

  • Manage my anger with my stepfamily
  • Feel less stressed in my stepfamily
  • Feel more comfortable around my stepchildren
  • Cope with my children's feelings and behaviors
  • Many other issues can be helped through stepfamily counseling 

Counseling and Coaching Make a Powerful Pair

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Coaching is helpful for breaking goals into do-able small steps that add up to an obvious achievement. 

Compared to counseling, there is much less focus on past experiences during a coaching session. If you or you and your partner are ready to move forward, coaching can be a refreshing change because its focus is on taking action. Together, counseling and coaching can be a powerful way to transform stepfamily life. 

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