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StepFamily Coaching

"This is about becoming more of a whole person."

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StepFamily Services coaching

moves the present toward a desirable future.

For Individuals and Couples

In-Person and by Phone

A coach helps you think and act more resourcefully, resulting in personal growth and achievement. With your coach's help, you determine where to start for tackling the big changes in your life brought on by stepfamily life. You will set manageable goals that connect you to a future you can get excited about. 

You can get several benefits from stepfamily coaching. You may simply need to talk about what is going on, to finally share what others do not seem to understand. You may want to understand what is happening why, and what your options are. Or, perhaps you have specific goals you want to achieve. No matter what, in stepfamily coaching you work with an expert who teaches you about stepfamily dynamics while giving you the freedom to create your own action plan while helping you make progress. 

Are your ready to take action but need help clarifying your goals and creating an action plan? If you are highly motivated to improve personal wellness and relationships within your stepfamily, then stepfamily coaching can be a great fit. As you take action, you gain momentum and may also encounter resistance. The stepfamily coach helps you move onto the next step, until you have reached your desired goal. 

Our coaching approach is primarily based in the StepFamily Foundations system. The average StepFamily Foundations coaching client completes their work in about 5-8 sessions with about 10 hours of homework. Since 1975, 84% of 5,000 clients have succeeded with the Stepfamily Foundations approach. 

Examples of Goals to Achieve in Stepfamily Coaching

  • Understand what is happening in my stepfamily

  • Balance my needs and my stepfamily's needs
  • Choose whether or not to stay in my stepfamily
  • Reduce my stress in my stepfamily
  • Create a safe and nurturing home for my children
  • Have more fun in my stepfamily

  • Create a set of household rules that my partner and I feel good about

  • Agree on roles and expectations with my partner
  • Create a financial plan with my partner
  • Help my children adjust to being in a stepfamily
  • Have enough quality time with my partner
  • Feel more comfortable around my stepchildren
  • Get along better with my stepchildren's bio-mom or bio-dad  

  • Many other goals can be achieved in stepfamily coaching

How We do Stepfamily Coaching

StepFamily Services provides individual coaching to stepmoms, with an emphasis on educating our clients as they take action toward their goals. We are trained in stepfamily dynamics and a variety of coaching methods. When a partner accompanies the stepmom, the session is not couples counseling, but instead includes education about stepfamily dynamics and about what tends to work and not work. Our coaching sessions also include some consultation, which means the client may be given recommendations for action steps and additional sources of specialized support. It is always the client's choice whether or not to apply the recommendations, and it is the client's level of motivation and mental and emotional fitness that ultimately determines success. 

When is Coaching not a Fit?

Although improvements in stepfamily life can certainly bring emotional relief, stepfamily clients do not come to coaching seeking emotional healing. Clients are primarily seeking more focus and guidance for making change. Emotional healing is better served by stepfamily support groups or counseling. Clients who need treatment for psychological disorders, such as anxiety or depression can benefit from counseling by counselors who are sensitive to the significant role stepfamily dynamics can play in psychological disorders.

What about Counseling?

Coaching can work very well alongside counseling. For example, in the process of taking action steps or resisting taking action steps, coaching may help pinpoint old wounds, grief, or trauma. The client can then take this insight into their counseling sessions. In this way, the client has critical support while adjusting to stepfamily life. 

Coaching helps clients set manageable goals and reach them, especially someone who doesn’t know where to start or how to tackle a big change in their life.

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