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About Us

We Address Personal and Societal Impacts of StepFamily Life

StepFamily Services Focuses on the Following Goals

  • Provider Training
  • Stepfamily Education
  • Coaching
  • Counseling

This is a funny image for a family-oriented site, but it gets at a surprising fact about stepfamily success. 

Positive relationships in stepfamilies require constant attention to the emotional risks to others and oneself and the ability to cope peacefully. 

1. Increase Skills Related to Child-Rearing, Conflict Resolution and Financial Stability in StepFamilies

One in three stepfamilies survive. Child-rearing conflict and financial stress present the highest risks.

All the work of StepFamily Services aims to reduce conflict about child rearing and finances which rank as the top two reasons for distress in stepfamilies versus ranking 5th and 6th in original families. 

2. Prevent and Treat Abuse of Children and Adults

in StepFamilies

Burnout can occur for children and adults in stepfamilies. This may lead to the maltreatment of any member of the stepfamily by any member of the stepfamily.

For Professionals: We raise awareness about the warning signs of stepfamily distress, often seen in individuals with health complaints and diminished job and academic performance. 

For StepFamilies: We provide stepfamilies with preparation for stepfamily life, and specialized care to prevent and treat emotional and physical trauma.

3. Improve the Mental Health of Children and Adults

in StepFamilies

Clinical depression, anxiety and other health issues are serious concerns for stepfamily members.

Our providers understand how stepfamily dynamics can create and trigger psychological challenges, and incorporate this knowledge into more effective treatment plans.

Using evidence-based and evidence-informed practices we provide practitioner training, stepfamily and program evaluation, counseling, coaching, and education to stepfamilies through a network of trained providers. Click here to learn more.

The Founding Director, Iishana Artra, PhD, and Clinical Director, Supriya Shanti, LICSW provide services to individuals and agencies, directly and through other practitioners. Click here to learn more.

We are a Women Owned Small Business